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What are some key features?

Listing types

Listing types Want to create a Business listing directory? What about an Events listing? How about having all of these in a single and easy  installation? Listing types help you do just that.

Some of the features that listing types include: Drag and drop field editor with custom field support Advanced searching system of locations, add the keywords, links, and hashtags  you need.

Customized listing forms with custom fields for each listing type .

you choose each listing type with specific pricing plans. .

Paid listing

With paid listings, you can monetize the listing submission by choosing listing packages. These packages have a specific listing type.

Based on listing package you see the number of listings, expiry date, use field visibility and more.

Field visibility allows you to show/hide a field based on the package the listing owner purchased. This can be used as an example to show a contact form only for premium packages.

Map services

Merhaba supports map services.

Geocode listings, display them in explore and single listing page Search them using location auto-suggest and filter by proximity Get user location and show nearby listings

and much more..

Awesome user dashboard

In depth statistics about your listings among many other features

Explore pages

Page styles for user to choose. Incredible filters


Push your listing at the top of the results

Responsive and retina ready

Outstanding design on all devices the top of the results


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