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Introducing LUMIERE STUDIOS, where I, Rami Maher, am captivated by the enchantment of photography. With over a decade of experience in media, I bring a unique approach to my work.

My photography style revolves around two distinct intentions. Firstly, I strive to capture images that speak for themselves, where the story, moment, and emotions are vivid and compelling. Secondly, I embrace the allure of ambiguity, leaving room for imagination to weave its tale around photos with intriguing circumstances. Notably, all effects are achieved in-camera without relying on post-processing with Photoshop.

Wedding days present a remarkable opportunity to showcase both aspects of my craft, capturing cherished moments and creating intriguing narratives for you and your loved ones.

Having stumbled upon my work, I consider myself fortunate, and I am eager to collaborate with you. While I am proudly based in Montreal, I am readily available for commissions at various locations within Québec, Toronto, and Ottawa.

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