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NASK Legal is a Law firm specializing in immigration and family ( divorce) law

Resourceful in our fields!
With over 16 years of combined national and international legal experience, we always strive to provide legal solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. You can count on us!

Transparency & confidentiality!
We are known for being present for our clients, but also reliable and confidential. We believe that building an honest and loyal relationship with our clients is key to success.

We got you!
Victories and success are our MOTOS! We guarantee you that we will work day and night to ensure you the best result possible in your situation. We take our work at heart!


Federal and provincial immigration
Business and investors' immigration
Family sponsorships
Permanent residency
Immigration appeal section
Federal Appeal
Refuge and asylum seekers
Visitor, worker, and student visa

Civil law
Corporate law
Commercial civil law
Criminal law
Family law
Administrative law

About Serge Khoury LLB (Lawyer)
Licensed by the Quebec Bar in 2002, after completing his studies in law at the University of Sherbrooke and the University of Montreal. Over his 17 years as a lawyer, Serge has focused primarily on immigration and family law matters, which has enabled him to develop compassion for his clients and an ability to provide legal services which take into account the human dimension of each case.


Serge’s studies at Concordia University in management and international marketing in 2007 and public relations in 2014 have also allowed him to participate in several international missions in Africa, Central America, and the Middle East.

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