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Merhaba is a new and only directory website that gathers all the Arabic Restaurants, Events, businesses, and Services all in one place.

The Beginning

The idea

With the increase of Arab immigrants, it became necessary to have a special platform for them that means all new and useful for them to search for their destination easily and in a modern, distinctive way.

The start

Merhaba began in 2017 and was initially individual efforts, culminating these efforts to launch on March 1st, 2020. Unfortunately, the project had to be postponed because of the pandemic.

There’s always hope

Imad Hadad

We are beginning again with a huge passion and courage to serve our community and all Canadians.

The mission

To create a comprehensive and user-friendly directory that showcases the best of what the Middle Eastern community has to offer in Canada, including restaurants, businesses, events, and services. By bringing all of these resources together in one place, we aim to provide a one-stop shop for anyone looking to explore and experience the unique and vibrant culture of the region in Canada.


Imad E Hadad


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